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BeyondTrust PowerBroker Privileged Access Management
Reduce Privilege Threats with Visibility and Control



Unified Privileged Access Management Solutions that Reduce Insider Risks with Visibility & Control

Controlling and monitoring privileged access is extremely important to mitigating the risks posed by insider threats, preventing data breaches, and meeting compliance requirements. But security and IT leaders have to walk a fine line between protecting the organization’s critical data to ensure business continuity, and enabling users and administrators to be productive.

Why? Disparate, disjointed tools deployed and managed in silos leaving gaps in coverage over privileged access. This legacy model is expensive, difficult to manage, and requires too much time to show any meaningful risk reduction.

Privileged Access Management Products

BeyondTrust offers best-of-breed privileged access management products to mitigate insider threats, prevent data breaches, and meet auditing and compliance requirements.

Privileged Password Management

PowerBroker Password Safe

Control and audit access to privileged accounts such as shared administrative accounts, application accounts, local administrative accounts, service accounts, database accounts, cloud and social media accounts, devices and SSH keys.

Privilege Management

PowerBroker for Windows

Manage privileges and control applications on physical and virtual Microsoft Windows desktops and servers, speeding least-privilege enforcement across all Windows assets.

PowerBroker for Mac

Enable standard users on Mac OS X to perform administrative tasks successfully without entering elevated credentials.

PowerBroker for Unix & Linux

Achieve control over root account privileges with centralized analytics, reporting, and keystroke logging. Reduce risk and address compliance concerns more comprehensively than with sudo.

PowerBroker for Sudo

Centralized policy, logging and version control for sudo activities.

Active Directory Bridging

PowerBroker Identity Services Enterprise

Extend Microsoft Active Directory authentication, single sign-on capabilities and Group Policy configuration management to Unix, Linux and Mac systems, to improve efficiency, simplify compliance and reduce risk.

PowerBroker Identity Services Open

A free and open source version of PowerBroker Identity Services, giving you the access and flexibility to tailor your Active Directory bridging project.

Solutions for Privileged Access Management:

The PowerBroker Privileged Access Management Platform

The BeyondTrust PowerBroker Privileged Access Management Platform is an integrated solution that provides control and visibility over all privileged accounts and users. By uniting capabilities that many alternative providers offer as disjointed tools, the PowerBroker platform simplifies deployments, reduces costs, improves system security and reduces privilege risks.

The PowerBroker Privileged Access Management Platform
The PowerBroker Privileged Access Management Platform consists of three powerful PAM solutions, backed by a common foundation of capabilities for discovery, analytics, reporting and automated threat response.

Key Solutions

  • Enterprise Password Security
    Discover, manage and monitor all privileged accounts and SSH keys, secure privileged assets, and report on all privileged account activity in a single solution.
  • Endpoint Least Privilege
    Enforce least privilege across all Windows and Mac endpoints, gain visibility into target system vulnerabilities, and control access to privileged applications without disrupting user productivity or compromising security.
  • Server Privilege Management
    Gain control and visibility over Unix, Linux and Windows server user activity without sharing the root or administrator account.
  • A Single Platform for Management, Policy, Reporting and Threat Analytics
    Utilize a single solution to manage PAM policies and deployment, understand vulnerability and threat analytics, and provide reporting to multiple stakeholders and complementary security systems.

Enterprise Password Security

PowerBroker Enterprise Password Security delivers unified visibility and control over privileged credentials - as well the systems they're designed to protect.
Endpoint Least Privilege

PowerBroker Endpoint Least Privilege closes security gaps left by other solutions, providing you with comprehensive visibility and control over user, account and system security.

Server Privilege Management
Powerbroker Server Privilege Management enables you to strike a perfect balance between security and productivity by gaining comprehensive visibility and control over Unix, Linux and Windows servers - while enabling administrators to do their jobs.

Achieve integrated, end-to-end privileged access management

PowerBroker delivers the complete spectrum of privileged access management solutions. From establishing and enforcing least privilege on endpoints and servers, to securing enterprise credentials, BeyondTrust unifies best-of-breed capabilities into a single, integrated platform that acts as a central policy manager and primary reporting interface.

Gain visibility into privileged system and asset security

Leveraging vulnerability data from BeyondTrust’s Retina and other solutions provides a complete picture of privileged system and asset security – including for network, cloud and virtual assets. This zero-gap coverage reduces risk by ensuring that no assets are left unprotected.

Understand password, user and account behavior

Analyze privileged password, user and account behavior, and assign event Threat Levels based on the user, asset, and application launched. This makes it easier to uncover emerging risks, pinpoint and report on at-risk systems, and take action to proactively eliminate the threat before potential damaging effects of a breach.

Align with IAM solutions

Integrate with leading identity governance solutions, enabling automated provisioning, entitlements cataloging, and access certification for privileged accounts and administrator access. This capability increases visibility into user, application and asset interaction with behavioral analytics to track potential malicious activity from insider and external threats.

Leadership has ITs privileges

Don’t just take our word for it. BeyondTrust’s patented approach to solving privileged access management challenges has been validated by industry experts as well.

Platform Capabilities:

Asset & Account Discovery

Automatically discover and manage all privileged accounts and assets in your organization.

Vulnerability & Threat Intelligence + Behavioral Analytics

Identify high-risk users and assets by teaming behavioral analytics and vulnerability data with security intelligence from best-of-breed security solutions.

Reporting & Connectors

Understand and communicate risk with over 280 privilege and vulnerability reports, and share security data via a wide range of connectors for best-of-breed security solutions.

Policy & Action Response

Be alerted to in-progress attacks and automatically mitigate threats in real time.

Use Cases:

  1. Interoperability Across PAM Solutions
    PowerBroker solutions are unified by the BeyondInsight platform. BeyondInsight not only provides centralized management, reporting and analytics, but also facilitates interoperability between point solutions. For instance, you can combine PowerBroker Password Safe and PowerBroker for Windows to enable efficient and secure run-as access to applications. This enables you to easily change remote and mobile passwords at any time, in any location, and overcome the limitations of network segmentation.

  2. True Integration with Vulnerability Management
    The BeyondTrust PowerBroker solution suite is unified with Retina Vulnerability Management via the BeyondInsight platform. BeyondInsight delivers a holistic picture of user and asset risk via capabilities like Vulnerability-Based Application Management (VBAM). This patent-pending technology, included with PowerBroker for Windows, enforces least-privilege access based on an application's know vulnerabilities, as well as their age, potential risk, and compliance impact.

  3. Application Threat Intelligence
    The BeyondInsight platform can consume application event data from the PowerBroker for Windows least-privilege solution. BeyondInsight runs event hashes through Clarity Threat Analytics, with malware confidence reporting back as low, medium or high. If malware may be present in the file, PowerBroker for Windows can quarantine that file from the system, based on your organization's threat tolerance.

    This compliments PowerBroker for Windows rules for privileged identity, application control, and system vulnerability, enabling security decisions to be made based on comprehensive threat intelligence, and allowing you to get more from you security investments.